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Our Hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 pm with the last Car let in at 4:00 PM



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Circle G Ranch is a 105 acre, 3 mile drive - thru exotic animal park with many adventures to choose from. Drive your own vehicle through the park or rent a jeep.  All the animals will come right up to your car for an up close, personal experience. Our animals are extremely friendly and gentle. Feeding zebra, emus, deer, etc. is not something you can do at your regular zoo. We have over 500 exotic animals that includes 40 different species that coexist and roam freely together. Here, we encourage that you engage and touch our animals rather than stand behind fences and watch. At the Circle G Ranch, you are the one on exhibit.. not the animals. The petting zoo is usually our nursery for all lambs, goats and camel and pot bellied pig babies. It's always a huge hit with everyone.  Our pride and joy is our Camel Safari. We are the only one in the country of it's kind and caught the attention of The Travel Channel for coverage as a "unique experience and travel destination". Our Camel Safari is a trail ride, that is a guided tour through our animal park. So while riding a camel you are viewing all the animals in our park, in a natural setting. It is truly a wild safari. Your guide will educate you on all the animals in the park and answer any questions you may have on a particular species. So, you do not have to go all the way to Africa to have this experience. It is a once of a lifetime adventure in your very own backyard. We have so much to offer local families at an affordable price and we guarantee an adventure you and yours will never forget. It's important in our time to educate and conserve while offering an inexpensive option for families and friends.  If you have had a camel ride at the Knoxville Zoo or attended the Dixie Stampede Christmas show, those are our animals. So, we like to think all of our animals here at the Circle G Ranch are superstars.

Our animal park is open 7 days a week 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Last Ticket sales are 4 p.m.


Drive-Thru Zoo

This activity is ideal for any weather.  Our Drive-Thru Zoo has been complimented by many visitors (and our animals seem to enjoy it, too) for many different reasons.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery, from the comfort of your own vehicle, on a 3-mile drive getting the chance to feed and pet all the different species of animals in our park.  If you would prefer, we have a trusty ol' jeep modified for you to rent and enjoy.  At the end of your visit, you are welcome to go through the drive-thru a second time (with time permitting) and visit our petting zoo area at no extra charge.  Your vehicle does not need to be 4-wheel drive, the smallest of compact cars are well equipped for driving our roads.  This adventure is very popular with local Moms, the disabled, seniors and assisted living field trips.   Enjoy our zoo at your own pace!  We provide a modified Vehicle for rent. This Vehicle can accommodate 5-8 people

10:00am - 5:00pm

No reservations required unless you plan on having a guided tour*
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This is our newest addition to our park. Come and explore our zoo from atop of our vintage 1969, Kaiser, Deuce in a half, military truck. This is quickly becoming one of our most popular and BIGGEST adventures. Book your family, friends, school or any other large group(s) to ensure a seat on this “wild ride” as seats are quickly being booked.  Please contact us for group rates and reservations.

10:00am - 5:00pm
RESERVATION'S REQUIRED.  *Booking the day of will result in a same-day booking fee.
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Camel Safari

Our Camel Safari is extremely popular.  All ages have enjoyed this adventure.  Sit back and enjoy this 1 hour guided safari trek on camelback.  Your guide will tie all camels into a pack string and lead your safari through our park answering any questions you may have about the animals you come across on your trek.  Customers return year after year to partake in this "one and only" adventure of this sort in our country.  This type of Camel Safari only exists at the Circle G Ranch!  Our camels are very mild mannered, highly intelligent and comfortable to ride.  All saddles are personally made by us to make your experience as comfortable as possible on the back of these gentle giants.  *All safari's MUST be booked (3) days in advance.

10:00am - 5:00pm
RESERVATION'S REQUIRED.  *Booking the day of will result in a same-day booking fee.
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Petting Zoo

The petting zoo area is included in general admission and located at the end of the animal park. You are welcome to exit your vehicle and browse through this area. Our petting zoo is always evolving and we are constantly rotating animals in and out. Some days we will have baby camels in it and other days, you will see baby lambs, goats and piglets, African Crested Porcupine (Ms. Cleo), Sulcata Tortoises, Orange Winged Parrots, and much more . We like to change things up for our members and regular visitors. Also, you will be able to get close to our large camel, aoudad and black buck exhibits. Do not miss the opportunity to get a couple snap shots with our gracious, social and humorous camels. Your may want to bring some quarters for our feed machines set up throughout the petting area, just in case you fed all your feed out in the animal park.

Add-On Adventures

  • Short Novelty Animal Rides - ($5.00) - per person
    Camel, pony and donkey rides offered.
  • Sweet Tater Cave - ($10.00) - per person (minimum of ten participants)
    This little gem has gotten a lot of attention!  All the "ole timers" in the area know of this small cave.  It was once used for storing sweet potatoes through the harsh winters and preserving food rations dating back as far as 1923.  The cave maintains a welcome 67 degrees during the summer to our visitors trying to get a break from the East Tennessee heat.  Almost all Vacation Bible School, Boys & Girls Club groups, Boys & Girls Scout Troops and various other youth groups add this adventure on to their visit!   There is NO experience necessary.  Kids love going into this cave and seeing the gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites and maybe even a cute, tiny little fruit bat.  A Circle G Ranch staff member will guide each group on a short walkabout through the zoo to the cave.  A chaperone from your group is required to accompany each class/group into Sweet Tater Cave. This add-on adventure is safe, fun and educational.  If you plan on adding this to your adventure, please let CGR know so that we can have a staffer available to guide you.  Please bring several small flashlights or headlamps.  This activity take roughly about 30 minutes.  Appropriate footwear required.  No sandals or open toe shoes allowed.




    Teachers, would you and your staff like to offer your students a new, local & educational destination for a fun-filled trip this fall?  We offer a wide variety of adventures at out animal park that is instructional, and hands-on.  We believe the key to the future of conserving our wildlife is through our youth and education. We have a 105+ acre wild animal park with over 500 exotic & barnyard animals. We offer guided safari truck tours through the park, petting zoo, caving, camel treks & keeper chats with unique bio facts & much more. Customize and schedule your next group outing at the Circle G Ranch!  We offer many adventures to choose from.  We have affordable, age-appropriate, handicap accessible, outdoor animal fun!  Contact us to customize your field trip from just spending an hour to an all day excursion with our knowledgeable, friendly staff and resident inhabitants.  Please feel free to browse our site and become familiar with our adventures in order for us to better assist you in preparation for your visit.  Our hope is that your group will leave our park just as excited as we are about preserving our natural environment while encouraging our young ones to appreciate and respect mother nature.  If you have any questions about pricing, reservations, availability or adventure recommendations, feel free to contact our administrator at

  • 865-932-0070

    *Group rates are for 20+ or more.

We accept Visa, Master Card & Discover. If you must pay by school or church check (no personal or travelers checks accepted) you may leave a $50.00 deposit via credit card by phone (865-932-0070) or by business check via the mail no later then 2 weeks before your Circle G Ranch Adventure. the remainder of your payment is due upon arrival at the gate. thank you, CGR.


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